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Cameroon 1st e forum

  I believe that after taken part to an international forum, we have to share with others what we have acquired from this forum. Today, technology is an important tool that can permit us to do this if we have limited resources. I am called Yves Stephane NGALEU, a member of Junior Chamber International Cameroon, […]

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Yves Stephane NGALEU is a young Cameroonian working with the Cameroon Ministry of
Agriculture and Rural Development. He is an expert in agriculture and agribusiness
development, ICT4Ag Development. He believes that through volunteerism we can contribute
actively in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in other to have a fairer,
more secure, more prosperous and more sustainable future. Since 2015 he has been
volunteering actively in Junior Chamber International, AIESEC, United Nations Online
Volunteering and AWARENESS 360.

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My binomial?

You had a great experience working with your binomial now it is time to take one minute of your precious time to share with us this wonderful experience. thanks for give sharing your exprience…

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Moments With Mr Kennedy

Mr Kennedy is committed to working with youths to build a sustainable eco-system for young entrepreneurs and young people across the world. He is the Founder and CEO of The NEXUS Exchange, a youth social enterprise company, headquartered in Preston Lancashire and has presence in 5 continents. Nexus Exchange is redefining the youth workspace and shifting the entrepreneurship centerground with their innovative volunteerism. Mr Kennedy is a deliberate investor in young people. This is his passion and this is his life work.

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Kenyan Child Education

https://gogetfunding.com/embed-widget?campaignid=5702698&frame_type=t2 Visit GoGetFunding & Crowdfunding Pages Educate a Child: Children that do not have access to meals, transport and stationery are unable to attend school or make the most of the opportunity. Fundraising Campaign for Kenyan Children: This fundraising campaign will fund the Kenyan Children Education Program which contributes to improving the lives of Kenyan […]

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SMS for RAS Amelioration.

ITC4AgD Maïs. Au Cameroun nous améliorons le conseil et la vulgarisation agricole a travers des SMS que nous envoyons aux producteur d’une manière hebdomadaire. Ceci en fonction des compagne agricole. Pour la compagne du maïs voici les SMS qui sont envoyés régulièrement. Vous pouvez aussi les utiliser, nous faire des propositions afin d’améliorer pour satisfaire […]

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Webinar – GEOGLAM: Improving the use of Earth Observations for Agricultural Monitoring

National, Regional, and Global Coordination in Support of Food Security & Agricultural Decision Making Join us for a webinar on June 14, 2018 at 4:00 PM CEST. With the growing availability of satellite data and advances in high performance computing, there are new opportunities for agricultural monitoring, for example providing up-to-date information on cropland extent, crop condition […]

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GODAN: The Road Ahead

The Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) Secretariat invites you to a high-level meeting to discuss GODAN’s achievements and impact to date, and to co-create a strategy for GODAN’s future. GODAN was designed as a 5 year initiative to promote the proactive sharing of open data to make information about agriculture and nutrition […]

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Séminaire des Agropreneurs du Poste Agricole de NKOLNTSA

la finalité du séminaire sera de: Créer et/ ou régénérer 250 ha de plantations cacaoyères en association avec le bananier plantain
Augmenter la quantité et la qualité de fève de cacao commercialisé dans la localité
Créer les activités régénératrices des revenus
Créer et promouvoir les activités de transformation.
Imprégner les producteurs du Poste Agricole de NKOLNTSA sur les Objectifs du Développements Durables (ODD)

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“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.” Expanding access to UNITAR’s postgraduate programmes in the areas of peace, security, and humanitarian action for students and professionals from developing countries is about more than just quality education. It directly contributes […]

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Kenyan Child Education

Educate a Child: Children that do not have access to meals, transport and stationery are unable to attend school or make the most of the opportunity. Donate to Wamulu International so that you can provide these basic necessities to children in need. Wamulu International’s Activities: Wamulu International’s objective is to alleviate poverty and distress of […]

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